Fiver Friday

Let’s stop moaning and let’s do something that will help to get Ireland moving again. We may not have got ourselves into this mess, but we can play a big part in getting ourselves out of it.

So Mark Beggs has launched a campaign to make July the 1st Fiver Friday.

“I am asking everybody in the country to support local business on July 1st by spending an extra €5 in a local business. It could be you will buy an extra coffee or buy your lunch that day. But that extra Fiver will make a difference to your local business” according to Beggs

What started the idea was when Marks 17 year old son, who is setting his leaving cert in 2012, announced that he will be moving to Canada after his leaving cert because he saw no future in this country.

“I could have just done nothing and said sure that’s the way of the future or play a part in changing the future.” Beggs said.

So the idea came about for Fiver Friday. It’s a simple idea but part of idea was to get people to realize that we all need to play a part in getting Ireland moving, and that part can be as simple as spending and Extra Fiver.

“People need to realise that if a business grows it sales than it needs to buy more goods and maybe employee more people. Forgot about bail outs and millions need here and there. Keep it simple. People are punched drunk from all the bad news.”

So let’s start things moving and support Fiver Friday on July 1st

For more information call Mark Beggs on 086 6060061 or email


2 Responses to “Fiver Friday”
  1. Eco Chic says:

    Eco Chic, a new Quirky Consignment store on Bond St, Dublin 8 is taking part in “Fiver Friday”. It’s an absolute brilliant idea! Really looking forward to it!

    I will have a rail of clothing only for a fiver! When one spends 20 euro they then get 5 euro store credit that they can use on any other day! Come down and check out the bargains.

    We sell your clothes so YOU can make money from US! Seize the day. Roll on Friday!! x

  2. Love this idea! My name is Katie and i own an independent coffee shop just behind Guinness Store House. Business has been extremely bad in recent times. Fiver Friday is a brilliant idea for the small businesses that are suffering. We are doing deals all day. Big full Irish Breakfast for a fiver. Wholesome filling lunch all for a fiver. Get down and get your belly filled for a FIVER!

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