Two Barmen From Hayes Hotel Found Not Guilty

Two barmen charged with manslaughter after a customer downed a cocktail of shots a the Hayes Hotel in Thurles have been found not guilty on the judge’s orders at Nenagh Circuit Court.

Bar manager Gary Wright and barman Aidan Dalton had denied responsibility for the death of Graham Parish in Hayes Hotel, Thurles, Co Tipperary on 30 June 2008.

The English man was celebrating his 26th birthday when he drank a lethal mix of at least eight shots in one glass.

Mr Dalton served the drink and the serviced was cleared by Mr Wright.

Having considered legal argument made by the defence today, Judge Tom Teehan directed the jury to find both men not guilty.

Judge Teehan said there was a high level of personal responsibility in relation to drink.

He said Mr Parish took the decision to consume the drink and that broke the chain of causation in relation to the defendants.

He found that the matters of a breach of duty of care and of gross negligence had not been made by the prosecution and, therefore, no jury could safely bring in a verdict of guilty on either man.

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