Tom Hayes T.D. and Simon Coveney Welcome “Eat Only Irish Week” Event

Tom Hayes Simon Coveney Eat Irish Week

The #eatonlyirishforaweek campaign has made huge strides in promoting the quality and variety of Irish food products – Hayes

Irish produced food is among the best in the world according to Tom Hayes T.D., who helped to launch a last week’s campaign to eat only Irish food for a week. The first #eatonlyirishforaweek campaign ran from 9th to 15th May and aspired to raise awareness about the quality of Irish produce.

Conceived of by Brendan Allen, a Roscommon farmer who will eat only Irish food next week as a way of promoting the quality and range of Irish produced food, Tom Hayes warmly welcomed his initiative and energy in relation to promoting Irish food products. The campaign which has generated massive domestic and international interest through the use of social media, and the message of the quality of Irish food products has certainly been driven home by the campaign.

“I want to congratulate Brendan Allen for his efforts, and his innovation in highlighting the excellent quality of Irish produce using social media. We need to see more of this kind of thing – where citizens can contribute to promoting our country and our economy and give a helping hand to get our country back on track” said Tom Hayes.

Brendan Allen sparked this campaign by initially asking this question on Twitter: “whether it would be possible to live solely on Irish produce?”

The response was massive and the campaign has took off from there. Brendan now has widespread interest on Twitter, a Facebook Page, a website (, and hundreds of supporters who will be supported him in his quest last week. It provided

A special celebratory meal was held on Sunday 15th May in Roscommon town. Irish Chef Enda McEvoy, who has worked in Danish restaurant Noma which was recently crowned the world’s best restaurant for the second year in a row, created a 6 course ‘Irish only feast’ using fresh Irish seasonal produce.

“I have always advocated Ireland’s food business as being one of the means of Ireland’s recovery. Thanks to our climate, Ireland has the best grass fed beef, lamb and dairy in the world and we are very well placed to market our food as a top end premium product. I think Brendan Allen’s example shows the positive impact one person can have,” said Tom Hayes.

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