INMO Adds Voice to Condemnation of Arrest of Healthcare Professionals in Bahrain

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), have joined their colleagues, in the International Council of Nurses (ICN), in expressing alarm and concern for 24 nurses and 23 physicians who have been arrested in Bahrain. The health professionals, some of whom are Irish trained, were arrested when government authorities entered several hospitals in February and arrested those who had provided medical treatment to injured pro-democracy protestors. They have been charged with ‘anti-state activity’ as a result of providing care to these wounded civilians.

The INMO has been informed that several Irish trained doctors are facing trial this week. They have been accused of killing their patients and the rulers of the country are seeking their execution. The ICN has called for an immediate independent investigation into the charges laid against those arrested so that other healthcare workers can practice their profession in accordance with the ethical, health care and human rights commitments that underpin their professions.

INMO President, Sheila Dickson spoke today on the matter:

‘The INMO fully supports ICN’s call for an independent external investigation into the arrest of the healthcare workers in Bahrain. It is appalling that nurses and physicians can be charged with a criminal offense while fulfilling their professional duty. Human rights entitlements, medical neutrality and the ethical responsibility of healthcare professionals must take precedence over political issues in times of conflict.’

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