Nenagh Mayor Urges Economic War on Banks and Government

In a speech in Nenagh on Friday, Cllr Seamie Morris urged the public to wage war against the corrupt government and bankers, here is the transcript of his speech:

We are here today to commemorate the heroes of 1916 and the war of independence and those that gave their lives in the fight for independence from British rule in Ireland. This is the 95th Anniversary of the Easter rising. 1916 saw the coming together of nationalist’s republican’s language activists trade unionists and the women’s movement in the cause of Irish freedom. Today we need to build the same alliances in the cause of a united Ireland. There has never been such a need for Republican politics. The big questions of sovereignty of people’s rights of citizenship are more relevant today than they have been for many years.

Our political elite have time and time again acted against the interests of the Irish People. They have refused to take the democratic wishes of the people when we said no to the Nice and Lisbon treaties when at the insistence of their political masters in Europe we were threatened with Armageddon and forced to vote again. The electorate of Ireland have always had a healthy distrust of the whole European project and that is justified. European regulations are now having disastrous effects on people here in North Tipperary whether it is those that face financial ruin because of European Central Bank policies on lending huge amounts of money into the Irish Economy which drove the disastrous policies that led to the greed and corruption to the benefit of the Elite who have now parked their debts in N.A.MA or those that are being told they cant cut their own turf or those that will see their daily postal deliveries dissapear. The ordinary Irish people and small businesses are being forced to pick up the tab for these elite Bankers Solicitors and Alpha male developers.

The previous Government waved the white flag of surrender and handed over sovereignty won by the people we commemorate here to the IMF/EU/ECB without a shot fired and our new Government have meekly and happily taken over where FF and the Lowryites left off by taking their orders from Frankfurt as opposed to the people that elected them.

We have had three reports into our banking Armageddon and not one person languishes is jail despite the incredible suffering that they inflicted on the innocent people of Ireland who are suffering because of their greedy actions. The same people run our banks the same bonuses are being paid and the same banking policies will take place as long as banks remain in private hands. They need to be fully nationalised and run on behalf of the people and the guilty bankers need to be prosecuted with their ill gotten gains stripped from them.

Believe me if we allow FG/Labour to administer the pain that has been set out for us in the IMF/ECB deal this country will collapse financially. We as a people need to start an Economic war against those that are misusing our taxes. We need to consider withholding our mortgage payments in solidarity of those that are being squeezed by financial institutions we need to encourage tax avoidance ( something I would never have considered encouraging before ) We need these things because people are suffering unjustly at the hands Bank bullies and State bullies that are hounding people over debts with late night phone calls and threatening letters while the people that caused the economic collapse of this country get away scot free and the taxpayers are hounded into picking up the tab. The only thing that with concentrate the minds of the Government is the people coming together and refusing to pay taxes while the money is being handed over to the IMF/ECB to pay back the moneylenders of Europe. I would also encourage people to help out the protesters in Corrib Mayo who are trying to hold of the robbery of our Gas and Oil reserves which have the potential to help the people of this country build Hospitals and Schools and much revenue for our local councils. This is the frontline for the fight against economic treason inflicted on us by corrupt politicians.

Next month we have the visit of The Queen of England to Cashel invited by a council who used the unfortunate sickness of their Sinn Fein Mayor to sneak through an invitation to the representative of a country who have inflicted terrible pain on their near neighbour. It would probably have been above the intelligence of the councillors to actually research the reason to the last visit of a British monarch to their town. Henry 11 came to Cashel in 1172 to effectively lay claim to Ireland which actually caused so much hardship on the Irish people over the following centuries trying to rid ourselves of their interference. So downtrodden have our political leaders become that we are willing to hand away our dignity in persuit of  a few extra euros  in supposed extra tourist revenue. I feel that we would get far more respect and dignity if we grew as anation a pair and actually took on the people that have inflicted so much pain on this proud country whether that be the IMF/ECB the Political elite, Shell  or protesting against a monarch who represents both the political elite and interfering neighbours. The time for the Irish people to rise up has come around again lets honour the men and women of 1916 by taking on the political elite.   Thank you

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