Glenroe Actor Performs at Nenagh Arts Centre

Michael Collins

Nenagh Arts Centre presents Glenroe and Killinaskully actor Michael Collins performing at 8 p.m. on Saturday 2nd April in ‘It’s a Cultural Thing, or is it?’

The play offers a fast-paced sequence of stories that are a microcosm of the history of the Traveller Community in Ireland over the past 40 years. It chronicles Michael’s personal journey from living in a barrel-top wagon as a child on the road with his family, to their move to Dublin and the end of the traditional way of life. Along the way, he must convince his daughter to stay in school – an unconventional point of view for Travellers long resistant to assimilation. The performance is a courageous one-man play that also explores the contentious issue of feuding between Traveller families from the inside out. Based on material generated from workshops, the play seeks to shed light on a subject that continues to be a source of puzzlement and dismay to settled people.

Michael Collins is well regarded as a T.V. actor and has also acted in films such as ‘Man About Dog’ and ‘Pavee Lackeen’ as well as continuing to work in theatre on a  variety of shows. The play on Saturday in Nenagh Arts Centre offers the broader public an insight into Traveller life, an area of Irish culture often misunderstood, but with strong community values having faced many challenges in a changing way of life. Tickets are €12 at the door or can be booked online at:

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