County Tipperary Breast Cancer Survivor reveals all!

When 55 year old Susan Ford attended for a routine mammogram, she had no idea that this would be the start of a year’s intensive treatment for breast cancer, including mastectomies, breast reconstruction, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  Susan had a whole host of questions, and she looked (in vain) for a book that would answer them all.

In order to help other women who find themselves in a similar position, Susan has written her life changing experience, plus the results of her research in which she found many everyday factors that may protect from or contribute to cancer.  “The M Word is the book I would have loved to have read when I was first diagnosed”, says Susan, “to help prepare me for the months and years ahead.  It’s very positive – and it’s very frank – answering the questions women may be reluctant to ask”.  Susan includes the life choices she decided to change, and her ‘coping strategies’ to get her through that year and beyond.  There’s also a sprinkling of humour, some gossip, a few poems, and some easy recipes for body care products ‘without the nasties’.

When Susan’s consultant-surgeon read the book, he was so impressed, he offered to launch it.  Since then, Susan has received numerous letters from other cancer sufferers, thanking her for her honest and straight-forward account which not only expresses just how they felt, but also helped them achieve a positive attitude towards their own diagnosis.  Family and friends of cancer patients have also expressed how Susan’s book helped them understand just what their friend or loved one is going through.

The M Word – Susan Connell-Ford (ISBN 9781844266197) is now available for loan from local libraries or to purchase from Eason Bookstores throughout Ireland, at a RRP of €13.50.

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