Unacceptable Appeal Times and Redundancy Processing Times Leave Jobseekers in Benefits Limbo – Hayes

The processing times in our social welfare system are leaving thousands of unemployed people in benefits limbo, according to Fine Gael candidate for the Dáil, Tom Hayes T.D.

“The government figures released this week prove that close to 11,000 people appealed their cases after their claims for unemployment payments were rejected last year. In the course of my clinics, I know that so many cases should not be refused in the first place, and yet, they were left waiting up to a year for the decision to be overturned through the appeal system. I know of cases in South Tipperary where desperate hardship has become the norm for families stuck in this payments limbo.”

“On top of those issues in processing Jobseeker payments, I have highlighted again and again the delay in processing redundancy payments – both for individuals, whose companies are unable to pay it due to financial problems, and for companies who can pay the statutory redundancy, and are awaiting their rebate of this money from the state.”

“Some individuals can be waiting over a year for the money they are simply entitled to, having worked hard for that company. When you combine this with the fact that so many Jobseekers applications go to appeal, people are left without any way to make ends meet. When I see them in the course of my work, people are at the end of their tether, and are thousands of euro out of pocket by the time their cases are settled.”

“It is simply unacceptable that these delays are experienced by people in their hour of most need. The Fianna Fail-led Government created a bloated and broken public sector over the last decade and a half. A key element of Fine Gael’s 5 Point Plan to get Ireland working, is to modernise our public services by rewarding innovation and penalising waste and inefficiency.”

“Currently there are more than 20 Government bodies that process various citizen entitlements, including social welfare payments. Fine Gael will set up a new “One Stop Shop” Payments and Entitlements Service to make getting what you are entitled to easier, and more effective. This will help to cut down on fraud and mistakes in social welfare payments.”

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