Mayor Morris Awards F.A.I Chief Executive John Delaney Civic Reception

Morris Family and John Delaney Civic Reception

Last Friday night, Mayor of Nenagh Town Council Seamus Morris awarded a civic reception to F.A.I chief executive John Delaney.

This civic reception was in recognition of Mr. Delaney’s sterling efforts at moving grassroots football from the ‘dark ages’ to a modern level where it is played in top quality facilities throughout Tipperary. Over the years, John Delaney has been a great friend to football in his home county of Tipperary with two trophies called after the Delaney family who willingly sponsor these trophies. Both these competitions unite North and South Tipperary’s mutual love of football.

Playing fields offer more than just health and recreational facilities: they also offer the opportunity for sports tourism and this enables clubs to offer communities a way to capitalise on much needed sports capital projects.

Seamus Morris also spoke about the quality of coaching that is now available through the emerging talent programme so expertly run by James Scott and his team. It means that players like Nenagh’s James McGrath are emerging as Irish Internationals without having to go out of their local area to be scouted and spotted. The recent victories by North Tipperary underage football teams in the football hotbed of Waterford also highlight the quality of coaching in our area. All of these things could not be achieved without the guiding hand of John Delaney.

In an emotional night which drew a huge crowd from the football fraternity in Tipperary, a clearly emotional John Delaney accepted the Civic Reception on behalf of all football people up and down the country. He was very thankful to Mayor Seamus Morris and the Nenagh Town Council for this award.

Mr. Delaney was also very humble in accepting not only his role in the success, but the contribution of everyone involved in football all over the country.

Mayor Seamus Morris also recognised the late Patsy Fagan. In what was a very emotional night for the Fagan family, the boardroom in Nenagh A.F.C Brickfields was officially named for the man known affectionately as “Mr Football” in Nenagh.

It was a fantastic night for the football fraternity in Tipperary.

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