Green Party Candidate to Contest North Tipperary-South Offaly General Election

Olwyn O'Malley

Olwyn O’Malley is from Dublin but has lived in Tipperary for many years. She moved to Nenagh after falling for a North Tipp man, Paul Egan, a native of Newtown. She then fell for Tipperary and they are now married and live in Ballinderry beside Lough Derg.

Olwyn attended University of Ulster in Derry and worked as a teacher for several years before going back to DCU to study an MBS in Strategic International  Marketing. She then worked in international business in the ICT sector for several years before returning to the field of education at third level in Portobello College and HSI Business College. After moving to Nenagh she combined her experience in Business and Education to set up the Ormond Institute.

Olwyn has strong green credentials and has been a party member for many years. She has been an active member of the national council which develops Green Party Policy. As a small business owner she understands the issues facing the business people of North Tipperary. She also believes it is very important for more women to get involved in Politics and hopes that after this election women will be more widely represented.

Olwyn lives by her beliefs and tries to encourage those around her to live a greener more sustainable lifestyle. She believes that the long-term future for our children and grandchildren is as important as short-term concerns and is standing for election so that local citizens who share this belief can vote accordingly. If elected, she would be honoured to represent the people of North Tipperary in Dail Eireann.

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