Further Job Losses in Tipperary Prove Jobs Must be the Priority – Hayes

South Tipperary T.D. Tom Hayes has today pushed the importance of tackling the jobs crisis, in light of further job losses in Pall, in Tipperary Town.

Speaking at his media launch, Tom Hayes said:

“At the heart of the current economic crisis is an unemployment crisis, which is only proven by today’s news that almost a hundred jobs in Tipperary Town are to be lost with the closure of Pall in May. Over the last three years 300,000 people have lost their jobs, nationally and currently over 9,000 people are signing on in South Tipperary.”

“Estimates indicate that 100,000 mostly young people will emigrate over the next two years, and certainly, anecdotally the number of leaving parties in this constituency would show that this figure will in fact be higher. In a recent survey, one in four young unemployed people said that they are considering emigrating in the next year. Nothing could be sadder than seeing the young people who want to work and want to contribute having to emigrate, and forced to leave their families behind. The waste of talent is just the worst thing that I am seeing in my constituency,” he said at today’s launch.

“Fine Gael has a clear credible jobs plan which will create 20,000 jobs every year over the next four years by focusing on spending cuts rather than job-destroying tax increases. We will invest in our future through our NewERA plan to pump €7 billion in green infrastructure.

“We will invest in small and medium sized businesses through a new partial loan guarantee scheme which will give them the credit they so desperately need – businesses in South Tipperary have been crying out for such a scheme, as I know from my regular contacts with small business owners and the Chambers of Commerce here. In addition, we intend to abolish the lower rate of employer PRSI to encourage the creation and retention of jobs.”

“I have worked hard to voice the need for supports for small business, tourism, the agri-food industry, the equine industry and for strong focus on inward investment, which South Tipperary has so much to offer. Today’s news is a terrible blow and just proves that we must promote Brand Tipperary, push our local area, and get to work on the jobs crisis,” Tom Hayes T.D. said.

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