Hoctor’s Defiant Stance on Sole FF Candidate Policy

NORTH Tipperary Dáil Deputy, Máire Hoctor has issued a defiant statement on Fianna Fáil’s decision to run just a solitary candidate in the upcoming general election. Speaking ahead of the party’s selection convention on Friday night next, Deputy Hoctor stated unequivocally that she would not be added to the ticket in the event of her failure to secure the party nomination.

The selection convention will be contested by the sitting North Tipperary TD Deputy Hoctor, Councillor John Hogan and Councillor Michael Smith Jnr.

“I will not be allowing by name to be added to the ticket if I am not selected. The decision to run with a one candidate strategy has already been made and I will be adhering to that decision,” Deputy Hoctor said.

Delegates and sub delegates have also been informed of Deputy Hoctor’s stance on the matter in a letter prior to the selection convention later this week.

“I welcome the clarity received from Fianna Fáil HQ that one candidate and one candidate only will be selected to run on behalf of the party, endorsing the decision voted upon by the Comhairle Dáil Cheantair on Sunday 19th December. I am also firmly of the view that the best chance of retaining a Fianna Fáil seat in North Tipperary/South Offaly is to focus 100% on the election of one candidate to maximise the Fianna Fáil vote,” Deputy Hoctor said.

As the senior candidate in the race, Deputy Hoctor stated she is “determined to be selected to represent the Fianna Fáil Party in what will be the toughest General Election campaign in living memory”.

“I wish to state, however, in the event of an outcome on Friday night, where another candidate is successfully selected, I do not wish to have my name added to the ticket and in so doing I will uphold the democratic decision of the Comhairle Dáil Cheantair for one candidate only.

“I believe it is important that delegates are aware of this prior to casting their vote on the night,” Deputy Hoctor stated.

“I stand on my record of hard work, commitment and my loyalty to the party as a Town Councillor, Co. Councillor and Teachta Dála over the past 16 years. I believe that together and with the full support of our party and supporters, we will defy the statistics and retain our Fianna Fáil seat,” Deputy Hoctor added.

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