Benefit night in the Silvermines for the Boland Children Benefit Fund

boland-children-benefit-posterThe Boland family are from the parish of Silvermines.
Both Ray (Dad) and Olive (Mum) grew up in the Silvermines / Nenagh area and decided that their five children Sandra (age 8), Kayleigh (age 6), Aimee (age 5), Aaron (age 4) and little Josh (age 2) would grow up and go to school in the parish of Silvermines.

A few years ago Ray developed cancer but battled through it and the treatment, to come out the other side and into remission. Unfortunately the cancer cost him his occupation at the time, and soon after he started to recover his wife Olive developed a severe spinal problem brought on as a result of an occupational injury.

On the 14th of May 2010, Olive Boland at the young age of 37 years, suddenly passed away from what is believed to have been a heart attack, leaving her devoted husband Ray and her five beautiful children behind.

Ray is currently doing a fantastic job of raising 5 children all under the age of 9 years on his own.  (Can you imagine for a second, how you would cope in that situation)
Ray & Olives relatives & friends help wherever and whenever they can, but it is clear that all Ray Boland’s time is now spent rearing, educating and playing with his children.

The Boland children have lost their Mammy but are blessed with a wonderful devoted Dad. There is no option for Ray to resume a place in the work-force as he needs to be with his children through their tender years, and therefore he is now dependant on state benefit. In order to ensure there is funding for the Boland children’s education into the future we have decided to set up a trust fund.

We are planning a number of events in the next few months to try fundraise for the trust fund, the first being planned for the 22nd October, a benefit night at Hickeys Bar in Silvermines Village.

If you would like to donate to the fund the a/c details are

Bank of Ireland Nenagh

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