Mayor Of Nenagh calls on H.I.Q.A to investigate Quality and Safety of services and supporting arrangements provided by the H.S.E at Limerick Regional Hospital

I have decided to call on H.I.Q.A to go into Investigate the perilous situation in The Limerick Regional so called centre of excellence after hearing former Chairman of the MWHB ( 1982-2000)Jack Bourke on the radio today talk about the fact that his wife had to stay on a trolley in A and E for over 24 hours. It brought home to me the many horrific stories from people in North Tipperary who have had to suffer because of the Government decision to close down 24 hour facilities in Nenagh and Ennis without the promised critical care block PLANNED for the Limerick regional. It is just not possible to cater for the extra people from North Tipperary and Clare new facilities that were promised by our failed Government spokespeople in North Tipperary Michael Lowry and Maura Hoctor and it now time for H.IQ.A to come in and investigate the actual inability of the Hospital itself to provide safely the services that were promised to us despite may I add the very best efforts of the wonderful staff in the Limerick Regional. I have also received further information that two further wards with the loss of 41 beds without the agreement of the Unions in there which proves that the H.S.E is willing to press ahead with cuts in our so called centre of excellence without union agreement.

Yours sincerely Séamie Morris 09/09/10

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