Director of Ireland’s National Museum Praises Tipperary Finders For Protecting ‘Faddan More Psalter’ Manuscript

Dr Pat Wallace, Director of Ireland’s National Museum praises Tipperary Eddie Fogarty and the family he was working for, the Leonards of Riverstown who knew exactly what to do, to protect the important manuscript ‘Faddan More Psalter’ found in a wet bog and now described as one of Ireland’s top 10 biggest finds.

Dr Wallace told the Sunday Independent “They immediately covered it with wet turf and this was absolutely vital in preserving the manuscript.  If they hadn’t done that it would have been obliterated in a few hours in the sunshine.”

The Faddan More Psalter  manuscript is a remarkable 1,200 year old manuscript that was unearthed by Mr Eddie Fogarty in the townland of Faddan More, not far from Birr, 4 years ago.  The manuscript shows a link between the early Christian Church in Ireland and the Middle Eastern Coptic Church.  The Independent go on to report that the Eight Century manuscript will go on public display for the first time at the National Museum next year with the plan for this to form the centrepiece of a permanent exhibition in time. 

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