Corrigan Brothers One in A Row the Tipperary All Ireland Hurling Victory Song

The Corrigan Brothers have released a new song to celebrate Tipperary’s All Ireland Win. You can listen to the song by clicking the link below. The lyrics are beneath it.

Click this link one-in-a-row

three cheers for Liam Sheedy
from dear old Portroe
from cashel to Newport
…wherever you go
the song you keep hearing
is one in a row

the famine is over
as Stakelum once said
poor oul Brian Cody
we wrecked his poor head
he drove for five
but the Tipp lads said no
Tipp have arrived
with one in a row

the great man king Henry
is certainly miffed
cause he’ll never be
Henry the fifth
good on you Lar Corbett
jolly good show
three cheers for Tipp-rary
one in a row

the great Brendan Cummins
got the job done
his mighty puck-outs
drove us to one
unlike Donal Og
he’s so hard to pass
cause he’s not lookin out
for the full
forwards ass

one in a row
one in a row
in 12 months time we’ll
give two a go
hats off to EoinKelly
and the great Benny Dunne
when his point went over
he drove us to one


One Response to “Corrigan Brothers One in A Row the Tipperary All Ireland Hurling Victory Song”
  1. seamus morris says:

    Brilliant bit of writing from the legends The Corrigan Brothers

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