Astronomy Ireland Pinpoint Tipperary As Site Where Meteroite Worth €1m Crash-Landed

Astronomy Ireland have recieved hundres of calls following reports on the crash-landing off a Meteroite worth 20 times its weight in gold.  From these calls Astronomy Ireland have been able to deduct that the Meteroite landed in and around the county of Tipperary.

They are appealing for reports from the people of Tippeary to come forward  in the event that they may have seen a very bright fireball streak accoss the sky on Wednesday evening 1st September at around 9.20pm.  The rock may could be worth up to one million euro, but so far so no cash awards are being offered for its find …

Of course, they will not be expecting any calls to its office on Sunday 5th September when the people of Tipperary will be otherwise engaged with other important  matters demanding their attention.

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