Special Grant Scheme for Sports Clubs and Voluntary Groups in Nenagh area

As Mayor of Nenagh and the person that initiated the Special grant scheme for sports clubs and Voluntary groups it gives me great delight to announce the first batch of grants totalling 3,000 euros to 4 organisations who have brought much needed visitors to Nenagh with well organised overnight events.

The grants of 750 euros went to

1/ Birr and District Motor Club who organised a heat of the Rally championship which attracted people from Ireland and beyond attracting 380 participants and 560 overnight visitors

2/ Nenagh Ormond Rugby Juvenile club who invited 110 people from Vicenza Italy who stayed for the weekend April 1-4 playing a rugby blitz while they were here

3/ Nenagh Olympic Athletic Club who brought 25000 participants of which 12500 stayed overnight at various events over the year and

4/ Nenagh A.F.C who have hosted an u 16 German team for a bi annual tournament with Schmitten F.C. ( this was the first time they have sent an underage team) and local clubs. 45 Germans stayed locally for the term of the tournament.

These clubs and organisations prove to us that we have great ambassadors who constantly bring sports tourists to Nenagh and as Mayor I want to encourage these clubs and more to bring much needed footfall for the businesses of the town. If we can bring the people to Nenagh the people of Nenagh will do the rest as our world famous welcome awaits our visitors making them welcome and wishing for their next trip to the town.

I myself personally have invited Rugby teams and G.A.A teams from America to come here next year to take part in events in St Patricks Weekend and at Easter.

I can also announce that Nenagh Town Council have passed the  granting of civic receptions to  The G.A.A.s Christy Cooney in September and the F.A.I’s John Delaney on February 04. There is no reason local clubs cant organise events around these receptions. I myself will sponsor a national Soccer table quiz for clubs up and down the country to win a set of gear for their club the day after the John Delaney civic reception with the possibility of an Irish Soccer themed weekend. All of these are locally organised events mostly by volunteers and in some way they are showing up the state sponsored bodies who are paid to do this without much success in Nenagh. I look  forward to the people of Nenagh getting behind me in my efforts to bring as many people as possible to our town to show the why we are called “ a strangers paradise”

Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris Mayor of Nenagh

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