New Car Sales Exceed Total Sales of Last Year

Figures released by SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) show that as of Friday 28th May, new car sales have surpassed total new car sales for the whole of 2009 (57,460).

The figures
• 57,898 new cars sold this year
• 438 more than total amount sold last year
• 40,933 new cars sold this time last year
• 41% up on last year

To date there have been 57,898 new car sales sold this year, 438 more than the total amount sold last year. This time last year 40,933 new cars were sold.

Alan Nolan, Director General of SIMI puts the milestone down to the success of scrappage. “At the start of this year, we were very cautious about our expectations for 2010. While we knew that scrappage would have the knock on effect of increased sales, we didn’t expect to be hitting the 57,000 mark in May. At the beginning of the year we predicted 70,000 new car sales for 2010. Now, we are looking at considerably more. Our proposals last year estimated that around 10,000 scrappage scheme cars would be sold, but we also predicted that one of the real benefits of scrappage would be to kick-start the demand for new cars. As we had anticipated vehicle distributors and dealers have responded with superb offers and not just for scrappage scheme cars. We can clearly see today that this is working. Our C0₂ emissions are 135g/km as of today, a significant reduction on last year.

Nolan continued, “Our industry was one of the first hit in the economic downturn. We are also one of the first to see a lift and hopefully this will soon extend across other sectors.”

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