David McSavage returns to The Source with a new show

david-mcsavageDavid McSavage will be bringing his irreverent and politically incorrect sense of humour to The Source Arts Centre on Saturday 22nd of May, so be warned as things may get a little out of hand. David’s television series, The Savage Eye, has catapulted his career into a different league lately. His new creations like Mick ‘the Bull’ Daley, Ireland’s President for Life and a host of bizarre cabinet ministers have tackled some of Ireland’s pressing problems, while public figures such as Des Bishop, Joe Duffy and Seamus Heaney have been the brunt of some of the funniest sketches ever shown on Irish television.

While planning and writing his next series, David has gone back to doing what he does best, performing live. The experience of making The Savage Eye has brought a new dimension to his live shows. The amount of time he has spent putting the Irish people under the microscope has provided him with a lot of new material and a lot of new characters to give voice to his most twisted insights.

One thing that will never change about McSavage is his no holds barred sense of humour. Be prepared as every facet of life will be discussed in great detail. There will be no sacred cows as Irish society will be in the firing line. You have been warned.

David McSavage is at The Source Arts Centre on Saturday 22nd May at 8pm. Tickets €18 / €16.

For Bookings please call the Box Office on 0504 90204 or log on to www.thesourceartscentre.ie

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