Nenagh Councillor Seamus Morris appeals to the Unions to use their vote to stand up for the rest of us

seamus_morrisNenagh Councillor Seamus Morris appeals to the Unions to use their vote to stand up for the rest of us.

“There was a lot of furore last week at the treatment of the new Minister for Education Mary Coughlan at the T.U.I conference. In fact the national media would have you believe that the Minister was assaulted (which of course there is no evidence of this happening) I heard also calls from a Fianna Fail councillor for an apology to be made to the Minister for the lack of respect shown to her. My God almighty what a nation of wimps we have become.

First of all we as a nation are about to take a huge personal debt onto our shoulders and the shoulders of our children as a result of mismanagement of our Financial services and the uncontrolled capitalism of our Fianna Fail Governments egged on by the Right Wing P.Ds. We as citizens will never have the pleasure of seeing any one walk the plank for this mess indeed some of the architects of this mess walked away with generous bonuses and pensions again paid for by us the tax payers. The Minister and her partners in crime have, not only, not earned respect but have earned our absolute disrespect and all the unions are doing is echoing the frustrations of us all.

There is of course an attempt by the national media to pit worker against those unfortunate enough not to have work thereby neatly protecting those architects of this fine mess while the rest of us wallow in someone else’s mess. I would ask those lucky enough to have a union vote to think of the bigger picture and use it not only to protect their working conditions but to use it also as a way of bringing pressure on this Government to step down.

I will quote Nazi Prison Survivor Reverend Martin Niemoeller to let us learn from the past “First they arrested the Communists but I was not a communist so I did nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats but I was not a Social Democrat so I did nothing. Then they arrested the Trade Unionists and I did nothing because I was not one. Then they came for the Jews and Catholics and I was neither and I did nothing. Lastly they came and arrested me and there was no one left to do anything”

Before people think about Giving out about the Unions remember that ALL our pensions are being gambled away on N.A.M.A and Anglo Irish Bank and all of our pockets will be picked to pay for the mistakes of the past.”

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