Sham Government Re-shuffle according to Sinn Féin’s Cllr Séamie Morris

Speaking in Nenagh this afternoon, North Tipperary Sinn Féin Councillor Séamie Morris said the cabinet re-shuffle announced by An Taoiseach will not create one job for the unemployed. Cllr Morris described the re-shuffle as a sham and said the Government should “be shuffling out of office with their heads held down in shame.”

He went on to say “The focus for the Government this week was on jobs for the boys and girls in Fianna Fáil and the Green Party as Cabinet ministers and junior ministers. But looking on at this game of musical chairs are over 432,000 unemployed people in this State. And there are further thousands of others looking on from overseas where they have been forced to emigrate by the policies of this Government.

This Government has left behind a trail of destruction of Irish jobs, including flagship Irish companies. They have allowed valuable employment to die and skills to be squandered in SR Technics, Aer Lingus, Waterford Glass, the sugar industry and a myriad of small and medium sized enterprises throughout the length and breadth of the
country. The lights are going out for the last time every evening on once thriving businesses and the ‘for sale’ and ‘to let’ signs are going up on premises in every town and village. The Government has no strategy to keep young people in
Ireland and use their skills to rebuild the economy. It hopes that emigration will hide the true extent of unemployment. The Government’s decision to cut youth dole payments was made in order to encourage young people to leave.

Mary Harney and Mary Coughlan in particular still have a seat at the ministerial table even though both have been proven completely incompetent at their respective roles on numerous occasions and would surely have been forced to resign in any other jurisdiction!

The decision to alter five of the titles of Government departments, to give the impression of radical changes will cost the taxpayer millions of euro which could otherwise have been better spent on badly needed job creation strategies. When one department title was changed back in 1997, the cost of changing department stationary, the department website, name plates on buildings etc cost the taxpayer over 2 million punts at the time!

It’s time for Brian Cowen and co to do the decent thing and call an election now and give parties like Sinn Fein, who offer an alternative, an opportunity to put forward their proposals to the electorate.. Deputy Maura Hoctor is critical of the reshuffle and Brian Cowen’s leadership and added to the Blank Cheque for Anglo Irish Bank you would think that would be enough for our two Government Deputies to resign from this malfunctioning Government. It would be a popular move and it would signal the end for this disastrous Government and it would go some way to saving the political career of at least one of the deputies .For the sake of the country pull down this Government who are determined to serve only vested interests over the General Populace.”

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