New Service Solves “Private Number” Frustration for Millions of Mobile Users in Ireland

privatenumbersrevealedDublin based business, DialFX Limited, has announced details of an innovative new “Private Number” unblocking service for mobile phone users.

The new service will provide mobile phone users with a secure solution which can retrieve incoming “Private” or “Withheld” phone numbers originating from any landline or mobile.

Up to now, the only method of tracking a “Private Number” caller was to make a nuisance complaint, applying only to extraordinary circumstances.
A nuisance complaint is not appropriate for the many thousands of frustrated call recipients, who have to contend with anonymous calls daily.

Now, has developed a mechanism to reveal “Private” or “Withheld” numbers on request.
The service is both secure and protected. Users and third parties personal information and data remains secure at all times.

This new service is a world first and is exclusively available from

Commenting on the new service, Tony Kelly, from DialFX Limited said, “We have developed a remarkable system which will be useful to all mobile phone users.
Many people no longer answer “Private Number” calls, while some callers don’t realise their number is being been withheld. It’s a circle of frustration, which can now be broken.


One Response to “New Service Solves “Private Number” Frustration for Millions of Mobile Users in Ireland”
  1. Adam says:

    A few years ago in Norway we worked with an application for Symbian devices which ID’d callers using a lookup service on the fly, since then various versions of this concept have rolled out across Europe. Wondering how the solution mentioned in the article is a world first. Perhaps there’s something unique i’m unable to find.

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