Kelly Brings High Tech Jobs to Nenagh

Pictured at the announcement of HKPB Scientific's new facility at Lisbunny Industrial Park, Nenagh, County Tipperary are (left to right) Paul Rigby, Dr Donncha Haverty, MEP Alan Kelly, David O'Flynn and Dr Joe Murray.

Pictured at the announcement of HKPB Scientific's new facility at Lisbunny Industrial Park, Nenagh, County Tipperary are (left to right) Paul Rigby, Dr Donncha Haverty, MEP Alan Kelly, David O'Flynn and Dr Joe Murray.

Munster MEP Alan Kelly has announced the creation of new jobs for Nenagh after HKPB Scientific revealed plans to open a facility in the town.

The ambitious plans were revealed at Lisbunny Industrial Estate in Nenagh where HKPB Scientific is set to locate a new facility on the site of the former Aventis plant.

HKPB Scientific decided to bring their new plant to Nenagh after MEP Kelly stepped in to draw their attention to the facilities on offer in the town.

Speaking at the announcement, Kelly said “I am delighted to have attracted a company of this quality to Nenagh. They are creating the type of jobs we need, high-value, export led jobs that will boost the entire regional economy.

These jobs will bring money into the community and will have a very positive effect for all businesses in the town and the local area. It’s a massive boost for Nenagh and it comes at a time when good news is in short supply.

Nenagh offers unrivalled potential for companies and it baffles me how the Government can allow facilities such as Lisbunny lie idol and fall into disrepair, when there are innovation led, high-potential businesses such as HKPB looking for a base.

We are talking about a pioneering company that is founded and run by highly educated young Irish people and they should stand as a symbol of what is required to get this county back on its feet.”

Kelly added “Companies such as HKPB offer Nenagh sustainable growth into the future and I expect to see a great deal of jobs coming to the town as a result of this announcement, both directly and indirectly.

This is the first high-potential start up enterprise to come to Nenagh in 25 years and I will continue to work on ensuring that this announcement is the first in a series of good news stories for North Tipperary.”

HKPB Scientific has an ambitious five-year plan in place that is aiming to create up to 200 jobs.

MEP Kelly was pivotal in assisting the company to raise much needed capital, firstly by introducing them to principal investor, David O’Flynn. Secondly, it was through Kelly’s involvement that the company managed to secure funding with Enterprise Ireland. Kelly’s assistance in the application process for Enterprise Ireland funding proved crucial as his experience in this area provided HKPB with the in-depth knowledge required to secure the vital finances.

The company has strategic links with the University of Limerick, Institute of Technology Tralee and the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin.

The facility in Nenagh represents a major step forward for the company and they are excited by the potential on offer in the Nenagh area.

Chief financial officer (CFO), David O’Flynn said “Without Alan Kelly these jobs would be going elsewhere. We were very close to moving to another area before Alan offered the alternative of Nenagh by putting forward a very convincing argument for the potential in North Tipperary.

We are going back to basics and producing something that’s in high demand.
The company is delighted to have chosen Nenagh as the next step in our growth.

We hope to link up with other business in the area and build a network of mutually beneficial partnerships.”

The company is a leader in the biotechnology area, producing products such as a pioneering form of bone cement, used in procedures including hip replacements. It has also developed a coating technology that will prevent the spread of the MRSA bug.

The company has strong Munster and Tipperary connections. Dr Donncha Haverty, the CEO, is a native of Toomevara and was educated at the Christian Brothers School in Nenagh. Pat Rigby, from Portroe is also involved in consultancy with the company.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Haverty said “It gives me great pleasure to be able to bring the company to my native area and create jobs in the local economy.

Too often we allow enterprise to be diverted to the major cities and it is a compliment to the workforce in Nenagh that we are able to bring such high-value jobs to the area.”

The Munster representation is completed by CFO, David O’Flynn from Cork and Dr Joe Murray, the Chief Technological Officer from Waterford.

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