IFA’s new Farm Business Skillnet will tackle rising farm input costs

IFA’s new Farm Business Skillnet has successfully secured funding for 2010 to train farm businesses throughout the country.  Farmers can now avail of quality training to equip themselves with the skills to run their businesses more efficiently.

Chairman of IFA Members Services JJ Kavanagh said “a key focus of IFA’s new Farm Business Skillnet will be to assist farmers in becoming more efficient in managing their farms, leveraging greater savings from the supply chain, empowering them with leadership skills and equipping them with the knowledge to drive down input costs.”

“Farmers spend in excess of €4 billion per annum on inputs and services. Controlling and reducing costs is critical to the success and profitability of farming.  IFA has identified annual savings in the region of €220 to €250m across the range of farm inputs. Significant cost efficiencies can be achieved through increased awareness and up-skilling in the area of supply chain management,” he said.

Another critical area included in the new Skillnet programme is that of Leadership Training which will empower farmers in group and organisational leadership.

IFA Project Team Chairman of Service Development & Officer Training Sean O’Leary said “IFA intend to use the iFarm website to deliver online and interactive training. This will provide greater flexibility for farmers to learn at their own pace and in their own time. Programmes will also cater for any farmers currently out of work and provide them with the necessary skills to re-enter the agri-food industry.”

Mr. Kavanagh and Mr. O’Leary concluded by acknowledging the Board and Management of Skillnets and said they looked forward to working closely with them in implementing the new programme.

For further information please contact IFA Member Services on 01 4500266 or go to www.iFarm.ie

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