Cloughjordan Drama Group Celebrate their 44th Anniversary

With Noel Coward’s: Blithe Spirit

Cloughjordan Drama is alive and well and this year’s production will not disappoint.

Blithe Spirit is one of those lovely funny plays that never fail to entertain.  The play is set in England in the happier days of the 1930’s.

The strong character of Madame Arcati is brilliantly played by Mary Carroll who is invited to an evening dinner party at the home of the Condomine’s  where the play is set.  Madame Arcati is the local physic who is unaware of the reason for the invitation.

The Condomine’s played by Laura Williams (Ruth) and Nigel Quinlan (Charles) give an outstanding portrayal of this sometime strained relationship.

Ruth is Charles’s second wife. In the past few years, Charles lost his first wife, the tall and sexy, Elvira, aptly played by Fiona Heffernan. The play weaves a web which includes the crossover of life past and present, good and bad for the Condomine family, living and “Passed Over”.

The Condomine’s invite the local doctor, Mr. Bradman played by Bawney Hayes and his wife Violet played by Roisin Cahill,  to the dinner party.  The group are hoping for a fun evening with the dotty old medium.

Much to the surprise of the dinner party group Madame Arcati pulls off another “smash hit”.

The play is full of humour and surprise and the role of the maid, Edith, played by June Murphy adds great energy and speed.  A servant with more talents than serving dinner, Edith plays a central role when the plot starts to thicken.

The period costumes of the female cast give the production a real sense of fulfillment by the drawing together of the period home and the accents of those in the higher echelons of society.  The play is capitalised upon by the clever and subtle use of lights and sound.

The group have an unbroken annual run of productions since 1966, in the past two years the group have spread their talent to a summer production to partake in the local Arts Festival.

A Show to raise your spirits,

Blithe Spirit runs at the Parochial Hall, Cloughjordan from :

Feb: Friday 19th, 20th, 21st, Wed 24th, Friday 26th, 27th and 28th .

The show opens at 8.00pm Sharp

Booking is in essential. Tickets can be booked at 087-1482628.

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