Men, who buys your underwear?

This press release sent into us by Debenhams shows some interesting statistics on men’s underwear buying habits. I’m not sure how, when or where the study was carried out but there are some interesting insights. But whatever happens don’t get your knickers in a twist reading it 😉 Enjoy!

Men’s brief encounter with buying their own underpants

Men only buy their own underpants for 17 years of their entire lives, new research has revealed.

Instead, the duty falls to women – first their mothers and then their wives – the survey shows.

Indeed, the only reason why men ever buy their own underpants is the prospect of being seen wearing them by a partner, says fashion store Debenhams.

Said Debenhams Head of Men’s Accessories Buying, Rob Faucherand: “This is the one issue that feminism has never addressed.

“It’s not who wears the pants in each household – it’s who has to buy them that counts.”

The life time habits of men and their underpants was revealed by Debenhams latest consumer research into men’s shopping habits.

It reveals that men:

●  Only start buying their own underpants at the relatively late of age of 19 years old. By comparison, women often take responsibility for choosing and buying their own knickers from the age of thirteen.

●  They only do so because they believe that wearing new underpants is an essential pre-requisite to beginning a relationship.

●  Their underpants buying activity reaches a peak at the age of 23, but declines gradually until the age of 33 when it falls to zero because many men are in a stable relationship.

●  It picks up again – briefly – between the ages of 38 and 40, when some men are going through relationship break ups and are seeking new partners again.

Alas, the incidence of this new found enthusiasm for buying their own pants is short lived. It goes into a sharp decline and slumps to zero again at the age of 44 when they are in another stable relationship.

After this, the results flat line as men remain strangers to the underwear department for the rest of their lives. Instead, they hand all responsibility for their underwear to women.

The peak of a man’s underpants purchasing power occurs at 23-years-old when they will buy up to 31 pairs, of all styles, tightness and colours every year.

Said Debenhams’ Rob Faucherand: “Our research shows that you can tell when a man is looking for a partner by the number of new underpants they buy for themselves.

“If he buys more than 31 pairs every year then he’s either still trying desperately to impress the woman in his life – or else she’s not The One.

“Conversely, if he seldom goes to the underwear section on his own, and instead assumes that his partner will choose for him, then you can be certain that your relationship is in a very stable phase.

“However it is odd that even the most macho men delegate the duty of buying new underpants – the garment closest to their masculinity – to women as soon as they can.

“I’m sure Freudian analysis of this trait would give us all a clearer insight into human relationships.

“Our findings mean that from now on Debenhams will begin to market men’s underpants in a way which appeals to women, since they are the people who are most often deciding what to buy.”

Debenhams results, showing the frequency with which men buy their own underpants versus age are:

Birth – 19:       Zero as mothers buy the all new pants.

19 – 21:           8 new pairs per year.

21- 22:             14 pairs ever year.

23:                   Up to 31 new pairs per year.

24 – 26:           27 pairs per year.

26 – 29:           14 pairs per year.

30 – 32:           7 pairs per year.

33:                   3 pairs per year.

34 – 37:           Zero.

38 – 40:           12 pairs per year.

40 – 43:           1 pair per year (figure rounded up).

44 – 70:           Zero.

Super tight briefs are the most popular self purchase for men between the ages of 19 and 26. Boxers are most popular between 26 and 33, and Y front and super large size boxers are most popular for the rest of their life time.

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