It's so much fun, it's lighter than air!

Lighter than air

Lighter than air

It’s nearly half term and the dread of keeping the kids amused is looming fast. It’s not the weather for picnic’s, We’re all sick of going to see the latest product churned out by the Disney Corporation, and, Lets face it, shopping should be for your own sanity and not be made into a family event. Why not try taking the kids to your local arts centre where they can interact with a live performance?

If you like that idea, the very thing is at The Source Arts Centre, Thurles on Wednesday 28th October when Circo Ridiculoso bring Lighter Than Air to town. You are invited to enter the strange world of a balloon tamer, who lives in a surreal place where the most unbelievable and stupid things can happen. Combining circus with comedy, Danny Schlesinger creates an utterly joyous experience loaded with participation surprises and laughs.

So, why not sit back and watch the kids be entertained, and maybe learn a little, as they engage with this show that has toured the world to great acclaim. Warning! Features loud balloon pops! Suitable for Children 4+.

Lighter than Air is at The Source Arts Centre on Wednesday 28th October at 2pm. Tickets €6.

For Bookings please call the Box Office on 0504 90204 or log on to

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